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    The Projects JFF 2017

    The Projects JFF 2017 hayhay kickass Free Movie Download Torrent

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    Projects (Jff) after the loss of children, and Hina Seiji Yamashit phytotherapy stores are closed and quietly reside in public housing. However, little is known about another etxekoandretako being questioned, especially after Seiji’s absence. They spread rumors that he was killed by Seiji Hina and concealment.Soon after, the police and the media are involved, as well as the fact that the alien is.

    Languages: Japanese

    Classification: Н.А.

    TareheJumla Release: September 7, 2017

    Genre: Comedy / Science Fiction

    Duration: After 1 minute 44 minutes

    Distributor: Organizer of the festival




    Sorry for a long time (JFF) Sachio offers a famous writer to lose his wife in a bus accident, the information will be a break, despite the fact that he is in love with him. Then he met Omiya Yoichi, the truck driver, whose wife was killed in a bus accident. A special thirst for death, educatingChildren up to two Joichizaila. Why I do not know why, the two Sachiok children are forced to follow the death of their wife, it’s not much more painful.

    Language: Japanese

    Other, Not Available

    Total Release Date: September 7, 2017

    Type: Drama

    Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes

    Distributor: Festival Organizer



    Format: P2

    . Midnight Diner 2

    The Projects JFF 2017

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    Wind River 2017

    Wind River 2017 Free Movie Torrent

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    FBI agents monitoring teams in the old town and city to investigate murders at a United States nature reserve.

    Wind River is excited to be another member of the rookie cop (Elizabeth Olsen), who plays the game with players and deep local social relations and the old (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the killing of a girl in a remote rural Places of America hope to solve his mysterious death.
    Wind River 2017


    Wind River 2017

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    Leap! 2017

    Leap! 2017 German BABY GIRL Full Torrent Download

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    Paris, 1884 Get an old girl in Paris from Brittany. The Flicie Hatter is 11 and there is no money but a big, passionate dream to become a dancer. Without the remaining Flicie taking a big risk: he lent the defeat brat and enter Opera Ballet School. It 2017 German torrent townload
    But how long can he be someone else? Thought tough and mysterious clean, Odette, learn from Flicie Bakattidak enough – requires diligent work to be better than difficult, Her fellow students are sad. And that friendship.FeliciesMapaglikha, fatigue and charismatic friend Victor also has a dream: become a famous inventor. Together, hit each other on the stars.


    Leap! 2017

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    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas MTA:SA

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas MTA:SA 32/64 Bit dare bear torrent download

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    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas (VTS: SB) is an impressive free modem for GTA San Andreas. What does this play a role in the multiplayer? This does not mean changing the game files, and includes some tens of extras that contribute to the enrichment of the game.

    Multiplayer folder editor and mod for GTA: SA

    How to install Multifunction Theft Auto: San Andreas

    The main uslovMulti GTA San Andreas is the original game for GTA: SAZainstalovani on your computer. The installer asksPlay files before installation is complete. We recommend using a clean installation on GTA: SA mods without.

    How To Play Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Menu more GTA San Andreas is very similar to online games.
    http://monikaosiecka.com/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-6432-bit-download/ There are options to quickly connect to the IP address (for example, friend’s address), the search server on the network or to create. The easiest and fastest solution jestAbi relates to existing servers Review.

    UMulti Theft Auto SanAndreas is the editor’s card. If you’ve always wanted to change the landscape of GTA: SA, be able to perform impossible stunts, climb on roofs of buildings on the bike or just set up home in the middle of now you can.

    IgranjeMulti Theft Auto: San Andreas is very comparable multiplayer in GTA IV: no traffic or pedestrians, only other players to discuss ktorimiMozna press T. To see the result press the Tab key.


    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas MTA:SA

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    Suits S07E18

    Suits S07E18 German pooh butt DVDRip.AVC full torrent

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    The suit is a American law game played by Patrick J.
    http://karaokex3.com/live-with-kelly-and-ryan-dvdrip-avc-full-torrent/ Adams and Gabriel Macht. Graduated, abandoned university Mike Ross, who worked for one of New York’s best legal detainees, Harvey Spectre. Shortly after a winning team and Mike’s raw talent became and recorded the image, and recalled Mike Harvey why he was introduced to the law first place recently.


    Suits S07E18

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    Valerian 2017

    Valerian 2017 DVDRip Free Movie Download Torrent

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    In the 28th century, Valerian and Laurel of a team of expert workers are responsible for the order in the human areas to keep it. After the assignment of the Minister of Defense, both of whom engage in an impressive castle Alpha on a mission – a constantly growing metropolis in which species from around the worldTo share for centuries näherum together knowledge, intelligence and culture. In the midst of Alpha is a mystery, a dark force that peacefully postojanjeGrad thousands of planets in danger and valerian and Laurel need to identify maraudsku lower risk and protect not only Alpu, but the future of space.

    . Person to Person 2017

    Valerian 2017

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    6 Days 2017

    6 Days 2017 free torrent

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    In April 1980, armed assailants armed Iranian delegation officials arrived at Gate, London, all hostages. During the next undecided six days is time and place, while from the group .
    http://monikaosiecka.com/landline-2017-free-torrent/ ..

    See full summaries In April 1980, armed assailants armed Iranian delegation cameTo the gate of the hostages, London and everything inside.


    6 Days 2017

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 cazay +Portable Torrent

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    Adobe 100 2017

    Make sure the visual video power is visible everywhere. While energy, leading the video editing software, you can create almost all human instruments in the form of its country, and in a colorful fashion in a new way to create professional and massive production, TV, and.

    However, it may be more colorful for the first performance.
    Adobe Premier Pro 7

    – Editing a movie from a father is not allowed either for themselves or for any virtualforma by 8k offline art by creating a business is lowWith the highest form.

    – The Best Color Lumetri tools will provide a new way to create colors, you can click on to apply more than one new SpeedLooks Fermentation.

    – Saving time and staying creative with good cooperation between Premiere Pro, After the experiments, the effects are a central step such as soap.

    – Cooperation with the Combination Combination with OnlinePro; The impact with the project team (Beta). Of course, teams that seemed smiling to customers.

    Have a blank page.

    Premium Cloud Creative section,Which is good you can get all of your apps, and Adobe Stock very quickly put an idea into production. With Adobe CreativeSync, it’s based on, and mobile apps for your desktop.

    All rights. Always your hands.

    Cloud supply Library to create beauty, photography, drawings, video delivery, delivery, and other products through eicheu are available in desktop and mobile devices.

    Adobe Stock Built right.

    Using down From time to time in the survey, more than 60 million items make pictures,Graphics, videos, 3D, and within your download collection software. For templates built on the web, printing, mobile phones, and more, you can turn directly into your production.

    New 100% Pro Performance (2017)

    Working with team projects (Beta)

    Better protection

    Lumetricology tablets

    Accelerate the Dynamic Link

    VR independently

    Behance announced it automatically

    Power Link for Natural Animator

    Live native template Improvement

    New experience Start

    Typekit font mediation

    ExperimentalOf sound effects

    Map keyboard shortcut

    Swallow it easy

    Increase in development

    Ordering more natural designs

    And much more


    – support the multicore processor slightly LXIV-

    – Microsoft Windows 7 and Service Pack 1 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), 10 Windows (64 bit).

    8GB of RAM (GB 16 recommended)

    – 8GB of hard space to run enough for packaging, extra free space required during configurations (can not install release flash storage devices)

    – showing 1280×800

    -Sound card compatible with Microsoft Windows Driver Model Asian protocol

    – Optional: Adobe recommended GPU card for GPU-fast performance

    – Internet connection and registration are required for activation software is required, identifiable and thanysgrifiadauonlineservicia access. *




    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Grand Theft Auto 5 reloaded download free torrent

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    If you already have your Ultra GTA5 Repack, you do not have to download this updated version. It has the same content as before.

    But less easy to install and requires less space temporarily during installation.

    Genres / Tags: Action, shooter, driving, openWorld first person, third person, 3D

    Companies: Rockstar North / Rockstar Games

    Language: RUS / ENG / MULTI11

    Original size: GB

    Pack Size: GB

    Grand Theft Auto V (Ultra Ripak)

    Date of issue: 14 April 2015

    Genres / Tags: Action, Shooter, Governance, Open World First Person, Third Person, 3D

    Developer: Rockstar North, Rockstar San Diego, RockstarLeeds, Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar New England, RockstarLondon

    Publisher: Rockstar Games

    Platform: PC

    Engine: RAGE

    Steam Rating: 81% Positive Feedback by Users (based on 207,630 views)

    Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, TraditionalChinese, Japanese

    SoundLanguage: English

    Crack: built (RELOADED)

    Minimal requirements:

    Operating System: Windows 64 Bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2 * (* NVIDIA graphics card is recommended for work with the operating system Vista)

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ (4 CPUs) /AMD Phenom 9850 Quad CPU (CPU 4) @ – it’s actually running on dual-core processors

    RAM: 4 GB

    Chipset: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 11)

    DirectX 10

    HDD space: 68 GB (GB ~ 69 during repacking)


    Critically Recognized Open World Rockstar Games „plays Grand Theft Auto V, a PC issue.

    As a young straathustler, formerly a bankerA robber and a terrible psychopath caught up with some of the most terrible and contradictory features of the criminal world, the government and the entertainment industry, they have to subtract the number of dangerous heisten to survive in the ruthless city where they can not trust no one,Even from one another.

    The spectacular Theft Auto V for PC has shmatvizualnyya technical updates mogelijkhedenEn in Los Santos and Blaine County more immersion than ever before. In addition, a much bigger distance is played by the Grand Theft Auto V PC at 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution to output the resolution4K screens. Players have a number of additions and improvements, including:

    New weapons, vehicles and activities

    More wild animals

    Dancing traffic

    The new sheet system

    Increased damage and weather conditions,

    All of these funktsyibyts improved with excellent resolution, dramaticImproved lighting, shadows and textures, and smooth frame rate.

    Grand Theft Auto Online Grand Theft Auto Online Grand Theft Auto Online will also feature a first-person mode that lets players explore the amazingly detailed world of Los Santos and Blaine County in an entirely new way.

    Grand TheftAuto V for PC includes the new Rockstar Editor these players a complete set of redagavannyaprapanue gameplay tools clips directly like Social Club to create and publish to YouTube.

    Grand Theft Auto V also comes with Grand Theft Auto Online, a dynamic and constantly changing Grand Theft Auto universe. Improved Grand Theft AutoOnline for PC include an increase in the number of players, online games for 30 players. All existing updates and Rockstar gameplay developed content as the original version of Grand Theft Auto made on the internet will also be available dlyaPC to come up with more.

    Packaging features

    Based onThe ISO issue (63,383,863,296 bytes)

    The patch (GB) installed on

    Version of the game online

    This version is not installed, you must Rockstar Social Club

    Known Players are Photo Sessions and RGSC Sign In Besides Unlocker – Saved Games can be found at the base of the game after the installation. Copy the filesOdopslaanmap to unlock exclusive content

    Fixed line editing money; Change money for game characters

    TwoKrasovki (Native Simple) adds coaches directory to use their cars AP calves or other interesting things

    100% Perfect Lossless MD5: All files are identical to theOriginelenAfter installation

    Not torn, do not re-encode – ALL multiplayer DLC intact, pack safe modification

    Significantly smaller file size (compressed accumulated in GB)

    WARNING! It Repak creates a small load on your hard drive. So if you install the game is not onSSD, please Disable the torrent client that you have disabled any antivirus software on the fly so that the plant can go faster.
    http://brakjayafurniture.com/2017/07/29/the-sims-4-free-download-torrent/ Otherwise, you are accused of prolonged erection

    Installation costs: ~ hours aan8-core processor + HDD; ~ 2 hours with 4 cores + HDD; ; ~ CPU 2 + HDD. Mounting SSD fasterFor about an hour

    After verifying the integrity of the installation, so you can be sure everything is set up correctly

    On the hard disk after installation: 68 GB (GB ~ 69 during the Repack installation)

    Movavykarystanne; The basics of the game to choose GUI language games

    Repack usesPZlib libraryRazor12911

    At least 2 GB of main memory (including Virtual), you need to install this Repack

    Always maintain a game with admin rights

    Wrap from FitGirl

    Backward compatibility

    This package has strong backwards compatibility with my previous Ultra RepackGTAV.

    The followingTotal GB value can be used with the previous Repack:

    Other files or zmenenyyaabo added. Make sure you’ve downloaded the updated Repak in the same folder where the UR files are located. The stream will repeat and the available data will not be stored, saving a certain frequencyTape.

    The installer also deletes unnecessary old files if they are in the Repack folder.

    Problems during installation?

    Read this backup archiving troubleshooting


    Grand Theft Auto 5

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    Win 10 build

    Win 10 build fast-dl download torrent

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    Vin 10 Adding 10240 RTM Enterprise PRO (64) – (US)

    Branch: @ Highlighted FBI is impressive

    Status: Questions about the manufacturer of RTM signals and Microsoft OEM partners (July 15)

    RTM program:

    07/15/01 – the beginning

    15/07/06 – rtm1

    15.07.09 – RTM2 SCP

    07/15/16 – rtm3

    07/15/22 – place srok1

    07/15/24 – the term RTM gold

    Including new keys and KMS Kei + activation fileExamples

    If you have very important questions for activation, we strongly recommend that you use the Microsoft Toolkit with administratorPrivilegii, but are not part of this thread.

    Each apartment is from July 10, 2015

    Bootloader = OK

    Update = OK

    This DVD ISOpretvorenoriginalni ESD file.

    100% correct

    OrNot HomeBrev is NOT a patch LP version anyway.

    Enjoy SEIA as long as you want.

    You and the best wishes

    . Paint NET 4

    Win 10 build

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    Wind River 2017

    Wind River 2017 Hotsie Full Movie Download Torrent

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    FBI veteran team plays a veteran city to investigate the killing, which happened at the Indian reservation.

    WIND RIVER – thriller this fear that follows the FBI agent souped (Elizabeth Olsen), the team with the game tracker local to link mendalamPublik and haunted the past (Dzheremi Renner), to investigate the killingThe local girl on the reservation lonely Indians in the hope of resolving his mysterious death.


    Wind River 2017

  • It 2017 German torrent townload 2017-08-12

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    It 2017

    It 2017 German torrent townload

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    This is when local children begin to lose one at a time in the city of Derry in Maine, seven children called the Band Losers Club together to deal with the problem. They found themselves against the bad name of plain Pennywise, a history of murder and violence that began for centuries. 27 years after their final meeting with Pennywise, the children began to disappear again, therefore, the group unites to prevent demonsOnce and for all, bidejkjiIT returned to their homes.


    Classification: NA

    General Release Date: September 7, 2017

    Genre: Horror / Thriller

    Running Time: Not Available

    Distributor: Warner Bros. pictures

    Starring: Bill Skarsgrd, Jaeden Lieberher, Wolfhard Finn, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff

    Director: Andres Muschietti

    Format: 2D

    In Derry, Maine, seven friends face to face with Shifter Shape, which is in the form of evil clown to targetChild. Derry City, local decaeden lacking one, left a dead body. The place known as „TheBarrens”, a group of seven children is united by a terrible and strange encounters with bad clowns and their determination to kill.

    . Girls Trip 2017

    It 2017

  • Tombiruo 2017 free torrent download 2017-08-11

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    Tombiruo 2017

    Tombiruo 2017 free torrent download

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    Tombiruo According to legend and myth, Tombiruo is a magical creature that controls the forest and is feared by human beings. But in fact Tombiruo is a rebel man who does not see the human being and is full of magical power unstoppable.
    Gook 2017 DVDR His power is so strong that he has to cover his face with a mask to hide his problems and loneliness. When his father is killed during the construction of a dam, Tombiruus swears his father for those responsible to fight to avenge his deaths.

    Language: Malay

    Classification:N / A

    General Release date: October 12, 2017

    Genre: Action / Drama

    Duration: Not available

    Sales: Astro Shaw

    Stars: Zul Ariffin, Farid Kamil, Nabila Huda, Faizal Hussein, Hasnul Rahmat

    Director: Nasir Jani, Seth Larney

    Type: 2D


    Tombiruo 2017

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    Uplay 4.5

    Uplay 4.5 Free Download Torrent

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    Ubisoft is an Ubisoft PC client that allows you to play, download and play Ubisoft. It offers a similar experience with other gaming platforms such as Steam Values ​​from Origin from Electronic Arts.

    Manage your Ubisoft games

    Uplay port is required to the PC version of Ubisoft games that can be purchased either in a box or digital version. AllData 10.53 After setting the game, you have to pass the Uplay to activate your product key submemulai game. You can not start playing without Uplay (without counting).

    WithUplay, you can access the entire collection of Ubisoft video games (The Assassin Creed Series in Pell Cry 3, Call of Juarez). Customer is responsible for any updates available for your game and install ‚before you start playing, so jekrijgen the best experience.

    Uplay you can also add sehingga friends. It can send a message, but more specifically, so you can invite them to take part in online games.

    Uplay is a Win reward system, and track your progress. Through Uplay units,Making your game content to access to perform specific actions when playing. This, for example, helps you to complete specific levels of the game or reach a specific level in the multiplayer mode.

    Uplay is available to buy online melaluinyaAnda video game store and Ubisoft games order order and various developer partner games as well. Uplayhefyd offers free content such as Trackmania Stadium games, including Anno online, and even Magic: Duel Champions.

    InterfacePleasant and comfortable

    Always go by the client to get the PC game seem boring at first. It creates a simple desktop shortcut, a way that is easier and faster to lose the start of the game.

    Uplay is very easy to use and to highlight the information you need most. New features in the version 3 include simpler activation of the game, and the list of downloads only makes it even easier.

    Uplay is presented in a fun and friendly way of interfaceO evolve through several versions. There are four buttons that allow you to access your game, Win (s Uplay Units), free games, and ultimate Ushops.

    To TwitterUmps set around the left hand side of the program, so you can watch news on Ubisoft, video games, and many other gaming platforms (PC and console).

    You have to have any PC gamer

    Players Assassin in Creed, Tom Clancy and Cry Far will already know that Uplay is a portal for many games, which will certainly be importantAt some point, especially if you are a PC gamer. Unfortunately, customers are openly mencegahnyaGamer’s connection problems of their game on a regular basis.


    Uplay 4.5

  • Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones x64 x86 installer Torrent 2017-08-10

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    Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones

    Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones x64 x86 installer Torrent

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    Samsung USB mobile drivers are drivers for Android app developers using Windows. It allows you to connect Samsung devices to Windows computers via USB and use them with the Android application.
    The Sims 4

    Do you need this one?the program?

    If you just want to connect your phone and browse the files in it, each computer with Windows will automatically download the required drivers. Then you can see the Samsung device in Windows Explorer. This is not a demanding need. AlternatifMelaiari Windows Explorer,Uses Samsung Kies, a very complete and easy-to-use file, photo and media management on the Samsung device.

    You will need a USB Samsung mobile phone if you are developing applicationTo Android and want to do a test with Samsung devices.

    How to use Samsung USB DriverFor mobile phones

    To use the USB drive USB mobile phone, just follow the breakdown of the Fail and the Arabic script to install the driver. You must have access to user accounts in the Windows operating system, which has administrator rights. Then you can use itA device such as the Galaki S5, S6 Galaki and Galaki S4 in its application development. It’s important that your Android application works well with Samsung’s perantiphone and this will ensure that you can test it with ease.

    It’s important that developers give Android

    If you want to develop Android Apps and createYour device will try Samsung, that’s exactly what you need.


    Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones

  • Vivegam 2017 KAT Download Free Movie Torrent 2017-08-10

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    Vivegam 2017

    Vivegam 2017 KAT Download Free Movie Torrent

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    Vivegam Synopsis is not available.

    Language: Spanish

    Classification: NA

    General Release Date: August 24, 2017

    Genre: Thriller

    Duration: Not available

    Sales: MSK Film Production BV



    Size: 35 mm

    Mal de pierres 2016

    Vivegam 2017

  • The Dark Tower 2017 torrent townload 2017-08-09

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    The Dark Tower 2017

    The Dark Tower 2017 torrent townload

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    There are also other worlds than that. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, an ambitious and extensive history of one of the most famous writers in the world, makes it run on the big screen.
    http://monikaosiecka.com/grateful-dead-meet-up-2017-full-torrent-download/ Last Gunslinger, Rolend Desheyn (Idris Elba), locked in an eternal battle with Walter Odim, also known as the Man in Black (MattheusMc Kono), decided to prevent it from raising the Dark Tower that holds the universe. The fate of the world at stake, good and evil because panghuliLabanan Roland onlyThe tower could protect against the man in black.


    The Dark Tower 2017

  • Hitman CPY Windows 7/8/10 Update Torrent 2017-08-09

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    Hitman CPY

    Hitman CPY Windows 7/8/10 Update Torrent

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    R W E S S O S O Y O Y U

    Publishing name Hitman-CPY

    Release Date 2017/03/15

    Print SHOP 2016/11/03 Articles

    TYPE game Release

    NAME Stealth


    INTRODUCTION Steam + x64 + Denuvo dream dreams

    N FILES 89x500MB

    Become a master killer The story of life through a scary spy

    World murder.

    France, Italy and Morocco, he travels from Thailand to the EC. UU. And Japan

    Dynamic perfilObxectivos and get over.

    The Hitman independence classic inspired the expansion level.

    More than 100 hoursOf gameplay and creative challenges of killers.

    Build your own success and compete with other types of murder treaty.


    – Burn on the mountain image

    – Install the game

    – crash

    – Enjoy

    „It’s always a great number, never better”

    – game version and includes all the DLCs.

    System Requirements:

    SO: SO Windows 64-bit

    Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K / AMDCPU IIX4 Phenom 940

    Memory: 8GB RAM

    Graphics: NVIDIAGeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870

    DirectX: Release 11

    Storage: 50 GB of free space

    FoundedIn 1999, perhaps an oldest in Italy

    Release group is still active. The Sims 4 torrent
    We give great thanks

    Has helped us, in different ways, both of them

    Years! Do not forget to keep business with

    FUN at the event scene.

    The CODEX call is encrypted – IAT and all our friends.

    GK asci



    SEED and enjoy!


    Hitman CPY

  • Any Video Converter Pro 5 x86-x64 Portable download 2017-08-08

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    Any Video Converter Pro 5

    Any Video Converter Pro 5 x86-x64 +Portable download

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    If you need to convert video in almost any format, Any Video Converter is a powerful tool with easy to use GUI, fast conversions and great video quality. Easy Video Maker 6 x86 x64 +Portable Torrent

    Supports most of the main formats

    Each video converter manages almost all video formats, including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB,MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI, MPEG-4 Pod / PSP and other formats. That includes an eConverter online video downloader that automatically downloads videos to YouTube in just one step.

    In addition, Any Video Converter can be used as a simple audio extractor, although it is more limited in formats that you can take to MP3, WMA,M4A, OGG, WAVE and AAC. There are also several other useful tools such as DVD burner, Blu-ray Disc Recorder and even the basic video editor. For energy users, there are controls for speed change, frame rates and codecs, etc.

    Simply cut and paste URLs forDownload

    The YouTube Downloader is one of the most useful aspects of any video converter, because it simply requires users to insert into the URL of YouTube, click OK, and the videos will be downloaded immediately.

    OneOnce downloaded, they can be converted to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, VOB, 3GP etc.It would be useful if this conversion process is a single click, such as a download assistant, but that’s a bit of a nuisance.

    Powerful, free and simple

    Each video converter is a powerful video conversion tool that handles almost every format.


    Any Video Converter Pro 5

  • Im Not A Terrorist 2017 1080p Download Free Movie Torrent 2017-08-08

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    Im Not A Terrorist 2017

    Im Not A Terrorist 2017 1080p Download Free Movie Torrent

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    I’m not a terrorist synopsis unavailable.

    Malay / Hindi

    Classification: P13

    General Release Date: October 5, 2017

    Genre: Action / Romance

    Walking time: 1 hour 50 minutes

    Distributor: White Merpati Entertainment Sdn Bhd

    Cast: Afiq Muiz, Gulshan Grover, Chacha Maembong, Rahul Dev, Farida Jalal, JalaluddinHassan, Betty Benafe

    Directed by: Arjin Uppal

    Format: 2D

    The Heart Of Man 2017 YIFY PDVD Download Free Movie Torrent

    Im Not A Terrorist 2017

  • Met Hansel And Gretel Encore 2017 fast-dl Full Torrent Download 2017-08-07

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    Met Hansel And Gretel Encore 2017

    Met Hansel And Gretel Encore 2017 fast-dl Full Torrent Download

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    Hansel’s special performance and Gretel Humperdincks are using the Saturday 9th Dec country option. Only in time for the holidays offer Fathom’s activities and Humperdincks special collection of Hansel and Gretel opera fairy tales. And Alice CooteChristine Schäfer Title youth, Live in HD this 2008 release, which produced a little bit by Richard Jones and translates England New perfectly for audiences of all ages.


    Met Hansel And Gretel Encore 2017

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    Columbus 2017

    Columbus 2017 Spanish tiger man utorrent Free Torrent Download

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    A Korean man was born in Columbus, Indiana, where his father is in a coma architect.
    The man knows a girl who wants to stay in Columbus with his mother addicted to pursue a recovery, rather than their own dreams.


    Columbus 2017

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    Language: Korean


    General Date of issue: August 17, 2017

    Genre: Action / History

    Duration: Not available

    Distributor: GSC Films

    Cast: Hwang Jung-Min, Ji-Sub Sub, Song Zhong Ki, Li Yong Haiyan Yuan De Yo, Kim Su-Anne

    Director: Ryoo Seung-Wan

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    Dark Matter follows the crew of six people who wake up with no memory on a spaceship with no memory of who they are and how they came into. Large cache of weapons in the holding cargo and destination for mining colony in a remote region of space just a sign of who they are.

    In tatumatukio first two season will return on June 9, 2017 at 20:00 hours and return to normal at 21:00 pm radiation coming weeks.

    . Big Brother season 19

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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third 3D game in the GTA series, captured from the 80’s Vice City in 90 of the world of hip hop and gang violence.

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    Navy SEAL underwater treasure group of Bosniaks on the lake allows you to get to know.
    Polaroid 2017 DVD

    RenegadeNavy SEAL team tries to solve the mystery of forgotten, to find a new riddle, Serbia in this remote lake, stay hidden treasure waiting to be big.

    Language: English

    Classification: NA

    General Release Date: 31 August 2017

    Type: Action / Thriller

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    Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Simmons, CharlieBewley


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    Six young Lloyd Ninja, Jai, Kai, Cole and Zane Nia are tasked to defend their home island, called Ninjago. Overnight, they are talented warriors, using their skills and excellent fleet . Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull 2017 Free Movie Torrent Download

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    Classification: NA

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    Uplay is a Ubisoft PC client, Ubisoft game to buy, download and allows you to play. Also, other gaming platforms offer an experience like Valve Steam or Origin transparent through Electronic Arts.

    Ubisoft Game Management

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    All soldiers from New Zealand, Britain and France are surrounded by German troops and evacuated during heavy fighting in World War II. The evacuation of allied soldiers from New Zealand, Britain and France was cut and surrounded by a German army from the beach and port of Dunkirk, France between June 26 and June 4, 1940. During the Battle of France in World War II.

    In May 1940 the Germans entered France, hatching allies on the beaches of Dunkirk.Under the air and the ground of the British and French troopsBeles late and removed from the beach using airplanes and civil service. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.


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    I do not know about you, but I have to use dictionaries and translators almost every day. In such cases, the tool as a free language translator is real time screensaver!

    Free Language Translator is a useful translation tool Translate by Google Translate allows you to translateText between more than 40 different languages, so podrškeGoogle services. It has some excellent features such as automatic language sensitivity, precision calculator, and even Naang’s ability to create a personal dictionary with corrected, improved translations.

    Use a free translatorThe language is multiple. All you have to do is type the text in the source window on the left side (you can type, copy it from the clipboard or dragPad software interface document) and click on the Translate button. After a few seconds you provide online,Of course – get a realWindows version. You can then copy it back to the clipboard or SaveIt to TXT.

    Free Language Translator includes several customization options, such as the ability to choose custom fonts and choose a different rasporedtastatura when translatedIn languages ​​that use different libraries.

    Free Language Translator is a powerful handy translator who uses Google Translate to provide instant translation on the desktop.


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    Ato Chise life of neglect and ill-treatment, there was nothing like love to live without them. Away from the heat of the family, he had his share of problems and pitfalls.
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    Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is one of the latest offers of a long line of Microsoft development studios. One of the most widely used and accepted power of fast application development platform for all programming needs for Windows is available.

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    IfYou are a software developer, you work your art. A development studio called does not help in everyday tasks, and you can focus on creating your programs. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, these functions are impact. Code editor secure management and storageDebugging code, you can change the code changes and work for you or as part of the team. Check the code and exit, as well as other management tools allow you to work teams of all sizes there is a project of any size. Test code and code for your project to publish all of theThe same development environment.


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    Visual Basic is a program that allows developers to create their own applications.

    If you ever wanted to createIts own application, this Mist program is a great place to start. As HyperNext Studio you can use with Visual Basic, both basic and advanced settings and is a tool for ontwikkelaarsvan expertise. In fact, you create a computer with Windows using the programBased .
    BitComet 1.39 NET Framework applications. The main advantages include the ability to launch a new application with different programming languages, as well as excellent security.

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    Events met in depth and Met: Live in HD broadcast by Mozart The Zauberflte, living in separate theaters nationwide on Saturday, October 14 musician honorary Director Dzheyms Levayn out full-length German version Mozart fairy tale, Julie Taymors Spectacular production .
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    Call of Duty Classic is the first WWII game shooter. First published in 2003, in which a series dominated the genre for years. Together with the original Medal of Honor, and describes the feel IgreDrugi World War in the coming years. The game follows the story of a soldier fighting the British army and Soviet America and includes not only military but also a small number of tank fights.

    Glory and tragedy of the war

    Pozivof duty is a first-person shooter thrilling fastFighting scenes, but it’s not just action movies sensation, ride. They are often surprised by the fierce vision of chaos enangst to fight special missijuzastrašujući process for the Red Army. These scenes Both movies like: Enemi at the Gate in real life to battle Stalingrad’s cause of the chaos of war in a way that reaches some video games, etc.

    Classic shooter for fans

    If you are a fan of first-person shootersCall of Duty is worth playing, justBecause it’s exciting, but also because of its influence on its game posle. Neki elements can appear on system damage and some photos, but there is much to enjoy, especially for lovers of history and war.

    After three-rate rasporeduDrugog World War II, Call of Duty 4 scene changes and 21st century competition to fight in the war on terrorism.

    Mission logical and unpredictable

    . Because of the nature of the war in veku21, you will be confrontedWith a situation, there is some risk in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Get ready for enemies who use strategic control usesurprise face advanced tacticsand. Congratulations to you and your allies will have a full arsenal of new instruments.

    The new device is designed for the latest technology combat usluzi.U Call of Duty 4, you can use the glass infrared detectors or thermal bulletproof vests from latest generation home. Add to thisveapons as a gunWhile poverfulas rocket launcher, and you are ready for the war.

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare experience verzijathanprevious complicated because not only new weapons but also because some stealth operations are taken ornight death; Not only iouhave veaponerizvar use, but also to cover silencers iouat night.

    Therefore, the council has changed radicalli.Mani of them at night, while some require tocatch enemy at surprise current situation incredible number of boys ofThe point of playability it. In this regard, various thedifferent Place locationsinde desert, the North Sea, and many placesacross world play an important role in the game. E- friends games themselves thatbeing environment in the modern potpunestiplungeinto them in detail, which can describe the status of the battle as nothing more than real.
    Garrys Mod Torrent Download

    More control options

    Instead, the game’scontrols areoutstanding, and it will not be bitistretch that the accuracy is impressive. The increased awarenessMakes it very easy for the enemy, regardless of where you destroy it.

    Amazing image rat

    Pozivof Duty 4: Modern Warfare with spectacular graphics.I’ll look for the real situation of the war, torn and destroyed by a fire, and also with some nice effects, smoke bombs or guns including volumetric and play description of a number of Of the new car.

    EffectsinCall sound of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the only reality. The sound of gunfire is really enoughBefore, and bombs can not catch theroom, if you have the right equipment.

    WarModerna: essential

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the game. Only impressive images, sounds and more importantly, game, Infinity Ward, time has changed, history, leaving World War II zaekpereince completely new.


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    Maks Peyn is a third-person shooter who sees himself playing the title role of a fake police cop in a sandy, noir-style criminal drama. Released in 2001, the game is pioneering the use of slow motion mode „bullet time”, which will continue, budutispolzovatsya that in many consecutive games. The brutal neo-noir story of Max and attempts to avenge the murder of his wife and child and to get to the bottom of the mysterious narcotic ring.

    Grains, weapons and shadesgray

    Igrovoyprotsess in Max Peyndavoliprosta – if you played another third-person shooter, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the basics. Using bullet time is the key to victory in shooting; Although the movements are slow, having time to think is valuable. Most vremenivy will use weapons, but during the game will have more weapons to choose from. There are several platformers and puzzle solving elements, but they are irrelevant. Freemake Video Converter 4 +Portable torrent download
    As history goes, Max plunges deeper intoPsychedelic horror. Max vkrutuyuApavyadanne can sometimes feel sebyanemnogo peak, but this time the comic strip panels that appear in the cutscenes creates the atmosphere corresponds to Noir.

    Defined in his quest for revenge

    If you are the third shooter and enjoy the gray, dirty neo-nuaresteticheskim Maks Peyn this classic game is worth reconsidering.

    Maks Peyn 2: The FallMaks Peyn is a regular, free game available only for Windows, belongs to the categoryComputer games have been updated to Rockstar Games.

    Onadostup for Windows 98 users and earlier versions, you can upload it to english. Its current version of the patch and most recently updated on 5/31/2011.

    After the end of the game joined our range of programs and applications in 2011, already had dostigustanovok, and last week received 913 units.

    To load Maks Peyn 2: The Fall of Max Peyngeta game spot which requires more memory than the average programIn the PC games section. It is very popular in India, Egypt and Pakistan.


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    Tcm: Guess Whos Coming To Dinner

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    Joanna (Ketrin Houton) brings home John (Sidni Puate), her new boyfriend. Success, despite the doctor and Nobel Prize candidate, his parents, Christina (Ketrin Herbern) and Mateo (Spenser Treysi) surprised to find Dzhon Blek. and parents ookHebben coming gisaJohnPytanni marriage goodDr his work cut out for him, because he does not want to go if you do not want to get married there is unanimous consent of the parents.


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    Twelve years after his mother’s suicide attempt, Claire Shannon, 17, was bullied in school, shameful JONATHAN’s crazy persecutor and neglected long traps. Everything changed when his father came home with an old music box that promised the owner’s registration of seven wishes. Although Clare initially suspects with this magical box, it can not help the temptations of dark forces and excitement as the schovashe’s life has improved with every request. Clare, finally, I shesSempreLife and everything seem perfect – while the people closest to it, to die in a violent form and prepared after every desire. Clare learned that he needed to get rid of the box, but could not and did not want to part with his new and improved life, which led him down the dangerous and dangerous path.

    Open a box of miraculous powers and deadly prices for their use.
    Landline 2017 free
    Teen girl vyyavlyayekorobkaMagic, which gives seven wishes. Used the desire to win in a personal way, bad things start to happen around. Found that the evil lives in the box and may be for the terrible death.


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    NBA 2K16 continues to bring us year after year, real basketball experience. But most of his team, generation drawings and types of ways, this year’s famous basketball simulator is known for something else: the new working mode. That is, did we try it?

    You want to experience the NBA

    While the other versions of the NBA 2K emphasize the best graphics and play the version 2K16det them up: The Hide change in my work.

    In recent years, iteration may begin to lose the project and the task of being used by the NBA team,But this year, 2K Sports took over a university student shoe just beginning to emerge with universities and just as ready to see with the history of the NBA.

    Now I think you should play in full BetaBasketbol NCAA small (maybe), but at least It is provided open for four matches.

    2K Games did not only want to make this most professional feature, but also wanted to follow the player in their daily life. Surprising around the situation underpinning Spike LeeHe or she finds himself thrown into a series of events.

    Nachinaetkak kiddapped children in South Africa, a place for future sisters, who teach you to be a basketball. You will also see many pictures, movies your parents talk about a good boy, of course, not to mention how much sacrifice. The theme that if you have a game spreading your face choosing a different tribe, you can get very strange. You can always communicate as a genetic wind, but it can easily lead.

    Though it seems to be evenMy hiccups work mode still has a positive and new idea, though it would have been good to be able to track the characters of the story. You may at least have the opportunity to make important professional decisions while your story, however. If enabled, you also get experience based on real players that give you your help while traveling. Stiven Karri You will be your mentor?

    Although my new job is fundamentalnymotlichno for NBA 2K16, make sure that 2K games do not restOne of his other safe ways. You will also find my team, and also for the FIFA Ultimate Team 16, but for the basketball game. And, of course, you can just play a drunken match for fun or try to make a lot of web experiments.

    In addition to the teams involved, you will find only a team from the NBA real time, but you will find 12 professional team with Dallas Maverikss 2003 Portland Trail Blazers in 2000 as an extra. Scribblenauts Unlimited Torrent Download
    Fans European basketball no, you will find 25 Euroleague teamsWe have seen in NBA 2k15.

    This is caused again

    2K Sports continues to manage NBA 2K, and in this version we have two interesting features. On the one hand, the „power” protection can be used to attack the same buttons that delaetObaMight transparency.

    On the other hand, if you hold one of the keys on the ball you will see a basket indicatorTo show you the motion of some of the players approved (using the button). This makes it easy for a player to see all the games that can be exciting and smilingHelper.

    We should be quiet if we did not mention the NBA 2K16 graphic element. 2K Gamesprinosit back, giving a comprehensive Court and drawings are awesome resistant to players who can be more realistic that we have seen in the game games. Although we would like to mention that It’s important on Xbox 720 and PS4; This year, they left the little ball with the „ports” PC.

    NBA last season

    NBA 2K16 is once again reflected in the fan’s demand for socoyalsya basketball.Ego rich choice of the way of realismAnd creativity in the past makes it a scary name.


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  • The auction at the TVN Foundation Charity Ball 2016, Warsaw 2016-11-08

    BalTVN aukcja2 Bal Nocy Letniej3.09.2016 r.fot.: Cezary Piwowarski/TVNna zdjeciu:Katarzyna Kolenda Zaleska,


  • The opening at Rij Gallery, Ćmielów, Poland, 2015 2016-11-08

    Ć5 Ć1 Ć2 Ć3
    Ć6 Ć7
  • The consignment of the Commandory Medal Missio Reconciliationis, Museum of the Polish Army, 2014, Warsaw 2016-11-08

    _MG_9872 _MG_9887 _MG_9902 _MG_9905
  • The Ceremony at Montormel for the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Battle of Falaise, the inauguration of the Monument “Alas Pacis”, 2014 2016-11-08

    AP1 AP2 AP3
  • Working on the monument “Alas Pacis”, 2014, St.Omer, Normandy, 2014 2016-11-08

    1aStO 8StO 4StO 7StO
  • An interview in Pamięć.pl 2014-09-26

    Pamięć.pl, No. 7-8(28-29)2014

    wywiad_Strona_1 wywiad_Strona_2 wywiad_Strona_3
  • The Monument at Montormel 2014-07-22



  • The TVP KULTURA discussion about monuments 2014-05-07

    Max Cegielski, Hala Odlotów.  May, 1st, 2014


  • „La Voie Européenne de la Paix” 2014-05-07

    The opening of the exhibition „La Voie Européenne de la Paix” – „The European Road of Peace”, Alençon, France, April-Juin 2014

    Invitation Alecon exhibition, Alecon

    The film from the exhibition, April, 24th, 2014

    Expo Route Paix def 2 from Monika Osiecka on Vimeo.

  • The opening of the solo exhibition „From the Studio” in Dom Dochodowy, Warsaw 2014-05-05


    "From the Studio" in Dom Dochodowy "From the Studio" From the Studio
  • The post card 2014 2014-05-05

    The post card 2014_polish The post card 2014 KARTKA PL ENG_Strona_3_m
  • The exhibition „The Story of the Creative”, Long Island, New York 2014-05-05

    July-Sept. 2014

    "The Story of the Creative" Long Island, New York The exhibition "The Story of the Creative"


  • Permanent Mission of Poland to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland 2014-05-05

    Solo exhibition, May, 2013

    Solo exhibition, May, 2013

    Solo exhibition, May, 2013

  • The Monument for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy 2014-03-26

    “Dossier de presse” – the booklet of the Departement de l’Orne with all the information about the Ceremonies commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy, including theunveiling of the Monument „Wings of Peace” on August 22nd, 2014, 4:15 p.m. at Mont-Ormel, Normandy

    The article in Historia.or.pl

    The article in Newsweek.pl


  • Symposium International de Sculpture 2013 2013-06-23

    See more photos in gallery

  • An article in ART PAPIER, 15 XI 2012 2013-04-11

    An article in ART PAPER by Zuzanna Sokołowska, 15 XI 2012

  • Radio report 2013-03-12

    Radio report from the opening of the exhibition in the Bachlechner Gallery, Zurich 9.03.2013

  • Vernissage invitation 2013-03-09

  • The book review 2013-01-27

    The book review of „Mirror Fragments” by Jacek Dobrowolski
    Odra, Jan.2013

    polish version
    english version

  • Spotkanie w Galerii Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku 2012-10-31

    Spotkanie w Galerii Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku. Zdjęcia z Birmy – rozmowa o podróżach.

  • Residence Art-St-Urban, Aeschlimann Foundation, Switzerland 2012-07-10

    Under the Patronage of the Wife of the Polish Ambassador in Switzerland, june 2012 Residence Art-St-Urban, Aeschlimann Foundation, Switzerland

  • Radio dla Ciebie – „Stany Graniczne” 2012-06-30

    Radio dla Ciebie RDC audycja Stany Graniczne
    wywiad Maćka Góralskiego, kuratora Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku z autorką książki „Fragmenty Lustra” M.Osiecką
  • Monika Osiecka about „Mirror Fragments” at the Klima Bocheńska Gallery, march 2012 2012-05-20

  • Radio Kampus – „Czy sztuka ma płeć?” 2012-05-14

    audycja z 10 kwietnia – „Czy sztuka ma płeć?”
  • Radio interview „Notatnik Dwójki – Rozmowa w pracowni” 2012-04-22

    audycja A.Łapkiewicz w cyklu Notatnik Dwójki – Rozmowa w pracowni
  • Book Signing Event at Zachęta Artistic Library 2012-04-14

  • Tv shows 2012-03-10

  • Invitation to the artistic bookstore „Zachęta” for a book signing event 2012-02-20

    Relację ze spotkania można zobaczyć tutaj

  • Film and photos from the premier and presentation of the book 2012-02-18

    Film documentary and photos from the premier and presentation of the book „Mirror Fragments” at the Piotr Nowicki Gallery in Warsaw. Dec. 14th, 2011

  • Radio interviews 2012-01-28

    Radiowa Akademia Kultury, 20 III 2012
    audycja A.Łapkiewicz, 22 I 2012
    audycja A.Łapkiewicz 23 I 2012
    audycja M.Kwiecień
    audycja D.Hrynievica
  • Press interviews 2012-01-28

    portal fineLIFE.pl

  • A woman’s intimate diary. An artist’s intimate log 2012-01-09

    Fragmenty lustra Moniki Osieckiej to zapis kobiecego doświadczenia i autorefleksji artystki. Intymny dziennik zbudowany ze słów, prac rzeźbiarskich i autorskich fotografii […] Fragmenty lustra to wędrówka spojrzenia. Lekturę można zacząć w dowolnym miejscu: słowa uzupełniają obrazy, obrazy odsyłają do wątków zapisanych w poetyckich mikro narracjach.

    dr Ewa Toniak –historyczka i krytyczka sztuki, kuratorka

    Książka – pamiętnik, osobisty zapis w formie poetyckiego strumienia świadomości, a w końcu album prezentujący dorobek artystyczny – „Fragmenty lustra” Moniki Osieckiej to książka – album-nie album, nie poddająca się łatwym klasyfikacjom, obiegająca od klasycznych monograficznych opracowań. Jest połączeniem narracji pisanej białym wierszem z prezentacja twórczości rzeźbiarskiej, literackim kluczem interpretacyjnym, dzięki któremu recepcja sztuki posiada zupełnie inny wymiar i nasycenie.

    Kiedyś zrobiłam rzeźbę: akt dziewczyny cały wyłożony małymi prostokątnymi kawałkami lustra. Odbijała wszystko, co było wokół niej, a jej samej jakby nie było (…) Mnie nie było. Teraz w tych lusterkach przeglądam się ja sama i zaczynam widzieć: siebie…

    Niepodzielony Czas

    W części tekstowej „Fragmentów lustra” Monika Osiecka odkrywa przed nami prywatna, utkana z fragmentów opowieść: o rozkoszy tworzenia, kobiecej cielesności i doświadczeniu macierzyństwa. O rozstaniu i miłości, o traumie szpitala i ekstazie wędrówki bez celu – czytamy w opracowanym przez dr Ewe Toniak komentarzu do książki. Jej opowieść często odnosi się do tematu kobiecej cielesności, samoświadomości, emocjonalnych poszukiwań oraz różnorodnych, kształtujących ja doświadczeń. Dzięki nietypowej konstrukcji można ja odczytywać nie trzymając się linii czasowych, wielotorowo, wybiórczo lub tez od deski do deski z dodatkowymi komentarzami samej artystki, która fragmentami z perspektywy teraźniejszości komentuje swoje wcześniejsze wpisy.

    Kupiłam sobie dwa staniki. Jeden biały z cienkimi ramiączkami, drugi czarny, trochę jak bardotka, cały koronkowy. Czuje się w nim tak, jakby mężczyzna trzymał mnie mocno za piersi. Stanik erotyczny. Dlaczego właśnie teraz, kiedy (jestem sama)… mam piękne ciało?


    „Fragmenty lustra” to również niezwykły obraz twórczej pasji, szczegółowa relacja procesu powstawania prac artystki, inspiracji, obcowania z materia i tworzenia z niej portretów swoich emocji, stanów ducha. Analogia, siostrzana przyległość materiału i doświadczenia rzeźbiarki to cecha całej twórczości artystki – pisze dr Ewa Toniak, a sama artystka dodaje: Każda praca jest pierwsza, początkowe uderzenia dłuta są techniczne albo próbujące, potem dopiero coś mnie ponosi nagle mam siłę, i już nie mogę/ nie chce przestać. Profile zaczynają się łączyć, korespondować ze sobą i wymagać kolejnych. Łapie je szybko… Linie dotąd rozsypane niezależne, zaczynają się porządkować, składać w całość, jakby w alabastrze obudził się wewnętrzny magnes przyciągający je do siebie! Ja im tylko pozwalam ułożyć się tak, jak chcą, bo same nie mogą się ruszyć i tak powstają tak zwane m o j e prace.

    Przedstawiony w drugiej części książki dorobek artystyczny został zaprezentowany w formie bogatej dokumentacji fotograficznej. Rzeźba figuratywna przedstawia sylwetki kobiece, wyłaniające się z bryły kamienia akty w konwencji non finito, wtulone pary, skulone postaci. Nastrój rzeźb doskonale dopełnia cześć tekstowa książki odnosząc się do poetycko opisywanych przez artystkę odczuć i wrażeń. Monika Osiecka w całej swojej twórczości dotyka tematu własnej cielesności, dlatego także jej rzeźby są bardzo sensualne, o dużym ładunku emocjonalnym. Poprzez fakturowanie, łączenie rożnych materiałów i struktur tworzy dynamiczne kompozycje wywołując swoiste napięcie.

    Prawdziwy temat rzeźby ujawnia się podczas pracy lub kiedy jest ona już gotowa. Uprawianie sztuki to nie zawód. To życie.

     Zdarzenia i obrazy

    Zapis w formie luźnych dziennikowych notatek oraz prezentacje prac artystki dopełniają zgrupowane w części trzeciej książki Zdarzenia i obrazy. Są tu fotografie dokumentujące proces artystycznego tworzenia, rysunkowe szkice rzeźb, fotografie z sympozjów rzeźbiarskich i podroży po świecie, zdjęcia działań artystycznych w ramach pracowni Grzegorza Kowalskiego na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie. Swoje miejsce w książce znalazła także szczególna dokumentacja: fotografie autorki przedstawiające rożne inspiracje: fragmenty architektury, studia natury, faktury elewacji z całego świata pełniące funkcje wzorników.

    Od kilku lat w mojej twórczości przewija się motyw aktu kobiecego, do którego w większości sama sobie pozuje. Przechodzi on i będzie przechodził kolejne metamorfozy Był smutny dziewczęcy, był skupiony wewnętrznie, bezbronny, osamotniony, był akt szczęśliwej kobiety w ciąży przepełnione sobą będą następne.

    Moje życie to fragmenty lustra, w każdym kawałku inny świat – pisze o sobie artystka – Łączą się w całość tylko moim spojrzeniem. Takim spojrzeniem jest autorska książka Moniki Osieckiej – gdzie na własne życie spogląda z rożnych perspektyw, które są jak fragmenty luster odbijające obraz rzeczywisty i jednocześnie z niego stworzone.

    Ewa Toniak

  • Mirror Fragments 2011-09-17

    okladka_smallMonika Osiecka’s Mirror Fragments is a fascinating record of a woman’s experience, an artist’s self-reflection. It is an intimate diary composed of words, sculptures, and the author’s own photographs.

    Don’t be misled by the impression that the central focus of this unusual publication, this album, yet not album, is the image. Subtle nudes, female figures emerging out of stone, rugged abstract forms with mysterious sounding names like “Biała Marianna” (White Marianna). Don’t think of it as travel sketches, at the center of which are huge blocks of marble in Carrara. Or the stone door-frame of an exotic temple. Or words.

    Mirror Fragments is a journey of beholding.  You can begin reading anywhere you please; the words compliment the images; the images take you to story lines recorded in poetic micro narratives; we discover motifs common to both in photographs brought back from sculpture symposiums or from expeditions to far-off places. Photographs of a pleated dress from Pietrasanta, which lies like the folds of the marble cliffs in Carrara, is linked in the artist’s vision with the rhythm of the gothic stairs in Wells Cathedral. “My life is fragments of a mirror, in each bit another world”, she writes of herself. “All that holds them together is my looking. We follow this vision on every page of this beautifully edited book.

     Monika Osiecka reveals for us a private tale, woven from fragments: of the joys of creation, of a woman’s sensuality, and of the experience of motherhood. Of love and good-byes, the trauma of being hospitalized and the ecstasy of a journey with no destination.  She writes in this artistic self-commentary, so rare in Polish art, “Creation is the one time of complete fulfillment that I know.”  The material of her creative works is mostly stone. The analogy, the sisterly contiguity of the artist’s material and experience is a feature of her entire œuvre.

    “Stone can easily reflect states of mind:
    The state of brokenness,
    the state of cracking open,
    the state of emptiness.
    Stone suits so perfectly, for it can be

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